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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Please contact us.

How does ZirChron separate minerals?

ZirChron LLC is equipped with all equipment necessary for high quality mineral separation. Some of the equipment includes: Retsch jaw crusher, Bico rock jaw crusher & disk pulverizer, Wilfey and Gemini water tables, Frantz magnetic separators, Heavy liquid (MEI) and Electro Pulse Disaggregator (EPD, Marx generator)

These facilities or equipment allow us to offer two ways to process samples: Traditional or by Electro Pulse Disaggregator.

How much does mineral separation costs?

Please click on 'Services & Costs' in the main menu for pricing.

How long will it take for my samples to be separated?

Average turn around time is 4-6 weeks. For more precise turn-around time, please email with some info about the nature of the sample (rock type, expected age, etc.).

How do I submit a sample?

Please click on 'Submit Samples' in the main menu for a detailed guide.

What happens to left-over sample material after testing?

ZirChron keeps left-over sample material for one year before discarding. Left-over material can be returned at customer's expense.

Does ZirChron handle special requests?

Any special request in the way to process your sample please send an email to



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